Raised walk in garden bed made with wood scraps

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I wasn't intending to make a permanent garden by any means since I'm hoping to get a greenhouse in the next year or so, but, we needed something to grow some tomatoes and cucumbers in. 

There are a lot of little creatures around here too so it needed to have some netting around the outside in order to keep those pests out.

I decided on pine, again, because it's cheap and well, I had a lot of extra scraps of it laying around from some other projects I had done around the house. I also had a couple rolls of screening already. It didn't quite finish the job, but some dollar store garden netting was enough to make this work for me. 

I didn't follow a guideline or tutorial, I just used what I had and pieced it together to make the frame. Same for the gate door, no tutorial or pattern but I made sure the pieces holding the gate door were square so that it would fit the door just right.

Not too bad for my first fenced garden box with gate!

Here are some pictures I took along the way!

So, what do you think?

Stay crafty my friends,



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