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I have ordered a lot of things online. Like A LOT OF FUN THINGS. Nothing quite builds the excitement for me as well thought out product packaging. Some call it, 'the unboxing experience'. If you get this right, you will magnify the enjoyment for your customer, help to cement your brand into their head, and increase the likelihood that they will share that experience with others. Pretty packaging does make for some great Instagram posts!

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We are on the same page now right? Good! Let's dig in a bit more. Are you ready to see some examples? I'm sure you are!

Packaging doesn't have to be over the top to be great. Sometimes, simple is better. Sticking with a colour scheme is clean and tidy. If your business is more sophisticated like a high quality consignment shop then black may just be your very best friend.

Check out this simple yet classic packaging from LAB Consignment.  She even adds a cute little note to her customers to let them know that she appreciates them. How sweet right?

This one here is from yours truly. Simple black and white tissue paper but I add my own labels made with a hand carved stamp. 

Keeping with a colour scheme can also give a sense of whimsy and fun. Check out this custom order ready to be packaged from Glitter and Labradors. She adds handmade birthday cards to her orders as well. Brilliant? I think so! 



For local pickup orders, there is nothing wrong with a cute paper bag and some tissue paper either! The paper bag to me makes me think handmade. Super simple, not terribly expensive but it makes a big impact! Branding the bag with a sticker or a tie on label is a must if you want to increase your brand awareness. 

Cheers to Lavendar Lace Designs for this one:

Soulshine Designs for this one:

And to Glitter and Labradors for this one!

Sometimes the pattern of an item is pretty enough and you don't want to add too much. A simple ribbon or string tie and a card will do!

Here are a few more photos from our contributors: 

Are you feeling inspired yet? If you need some help sorting out the best packaging for your products, post a comment below and I'd be happy to help you out :)

Stay crafty my friends!




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