Why do I love DIY and why do I think you should try it?

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I just wanted my first blog post on DIwineit to explain why I wanted to start this whole website and blog. DIY is about, doing it yourself, obviously! But it's so much more than that!

DIY represents hard work and generally taking on a task outside of what you normally do. DIY is empowering because you can look back on all your had work and be proud that you created that! Even if it fails, you will at least learn from it and take those lessons into your next DIY... hopefully :)

Pinterest is FILLED with so many different ideas and projects. Most of these posts even include a walkthrough or at least some pictures showing how you too can complete a similar DIY. 

There are YouTube videos and tons of blogs out there the provide you with tips and tricks for you to learn or hone your skills. The world is our oyster people! You can pretty much learn how to do anything online! 

As long as you are being safe (ie: tying your hair back when using power tools) and protecting yourself (ie: wearing safety glasses and/or gloves) then what is the harm? If you are nervous or scared to do it alone then invite a friend over to be your partner in crime OR to supervise you in case you get into trouble.

Don't be afraid to get messy and make mistakes! Use your new found confidence from DIY'ing in your daily life. If you can make something from nothing or repurpose a piece of trash into something useful, is there anything you can't do? 

Check out my Getting Emotional About DIY video here.

Get out there and DIY!

All the best!


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