Refinishing a wooden play structure

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Now that we have this large yard for our kids to enjoy, we realized we needed to fill it up with some fun things for them to do. Play structures online were at least a few hundred dollars second hand and around $900 or more brand new. I didn't give up though, I figured I could find one and restore it if it was in good enough condition.

We found this one for $35 on kijiji. The roof was broken from a recent wind storm, a few boards needed to be replaced and it badly needed to be stained. I sent my husband and a friend with a borrowed truck and they collected it for me... in pieces.

Over the next weekend I spent a good 8 hours sanding, staining, replacing boards and putting this beast back together. With the cost of the stain, a few boards and the second hand play structure, it was under $100 and now our large yard is way more kid friendly!

This was my first time putting together a play structure and staining anything of this size. I must say, I am pretty pleased with the results.

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